Paul Dano Shares Some Advice for Fans Looking to Recreate His Riddler Costume from ‘The Batman’

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Paul Dano is offering some advice to fans who want to recreate his Riddler costume from The Batman.

During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, the 37-year-old actor revealed that he went to extreme lengths to get into character on the set of the film.

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Paul said that he wanted to reflect the iconic character’s meticulous nature but also acknowledged that he may not have the same resources as Batman. He chose to incorporate cling-wrap into his costume, which became a very suffocating as he shot the movie.

“I wrapped myself in cling wrap which I thought looked scary because of the light and I thought I’m not going to shed any hairs here on the crime scene,” he explained.

“The first day of filming about an hour in and I just start to see white, and colors, and my brain is getting very tight… and it’s day one so you don’t want to be the actor who’s like ‘I’ve got a little headache,’” the actor continued. “You suck it up [but] you can’t sweat. That’s the issue, it goes back inside you.”

Paul went on to say he managed to get through a day of shooting but Googled “brain swelling” when he got home.

“The next day we started to poke some holes in the cling-wrap, my head could breathe, things got a little better,” he said. “I might as well take this opportunity to offer a disclaimer to any Halloween costumers, or cosplayers out there: maybe skip the cling-wrap.”

The film is set to hit theaters on March 4, 2022. Check out photos of Paul and the rest of the cast at the premiere here!

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