Nikki Bella Defends Two-Year Engagement to Artem Chigvintsev, Explains Why They’ve ‘Hesitated’ Making Wedding Plans

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Nikki Bella is setting the record straight on her engagement to fiance Artem Chigvintsev.

Earlier this week, the 38-year-old WWE pro raised some eyebrows when she appeared on E!’s Daily Pop and said that she and the 39-year-old DWTS pro haven’t gotten married yet because she wants to “make sure it’s forever.” She also said that she doesn’t want their Matteo, 18 months, to “go through a divorce.”

After her comments went viral, Nikki and Artem released a new episode of her podcast, The Bellas Podcast, on Thursday (March 3) where they talked about their two-year engagement and explained why they’ve “hesitated” to make wedding plans.

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During the podcast, Nikki explained that she and Artem still have every intention on getting married, but the urgency is no longer a priority, in part due to the birth of Matteo and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

“I will be getting married, and I can’t wait,” Nikki shared. “I do me, for me. So that means I’ll marry Artem when I want, for me and Teo and him, for my life.”

“When Artem’s on tour, when Artem’s gone, I get really sad,” she continued. “I love my life with Artem in it and I can’t imagine Artem not in my life… I truly feel like, deep down in my heart, I’ve found the person that I do want to spend the rest of my life with and I do want to get married to him.”

Artem added, “When one proposes to another, they definitely have a better understanding of what that person wants to do. I proposed to you, knowing how I [felt] and what I wanted.”

Nikki then went on to explain why they’ve “hesitated” planning their wedding.

“There are also things that Artem and I don’t talk about,” Nikki explained. “Like, financially, we have so much more going on in our lives to think, for Artem and I, for the past two years, of putting our money into a wedding — it’s probably the main reason we’ve hesitated.”

She continued, “We just never wanted to say to people, ‘We don’t wanna spend the money on that right now.’ We’re building a home that costs us four to five times more than we thought, and we want Matteo to have an amazing education, so we started to put all of our money in other places and then we’re like, ‘Do we really want to spend all this on a wedding?’”

When their wedding day does finally come, Nikki said, “I want it to be a dream. I don’t want to do something little because it’s all that you can afford right now… We have just never really wanted to say that.”

Artem added, “I don’t feel like I have to say it to anybody.”

In an interview from a few months ago, Nikki revealed the big impact COVID is having on their wedding.

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