Hulu Drops First Look for ‘Fire Island,’ New Rom-Com Film from Joel Kim Booster!

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Hulu has debuted the first photos from the upcoming movie Fire Island, a new rom-com written by and starring Joel Kim Booster.

The movie, set in the iconic Fire Island Pines, is an unapologetic, modern day rom-com inspired by Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The story centers around two best friends who set out to have a legendary week-long summer vacation with the help of cheap rosé and a cadre of eclectic friends.

Also starring in the movie are Bowen Yang, Conrad Ricamora, Matt Rogers, Margaret Cho, and more. The film is directed by Andrew Ahn.

“We made something really, really special and unique and gay,” Joel told Vanity Fair/. “The fact that we did that feels miraculous, considering what we were up against.”

He added, “Jane Austen’s observations about the way people are awful to each other without being awful to each other—I was like, Oh, my God. This is shade. This is what gay men do all the time.”

The Searchlight Pictures movie will debut on Hulu on June 3.

Click through the gallery for 10+ photos from the Fire Island movie…

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